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April 14, 2015


Some thoughts from Shaq and me (and others).


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You're in good company Dave.

Dave's the only one who mentioned beer.


interesting picture of Dave, it reminded me of this:

My blog-fu is poor. I tried to post a link to a picture.

do an image search for "how to tell if your puppy is involved in a sex scandal".


Nice picture Dave. Just what are your tax thoughts on this fine day?

What do you mean we have to file taxes every year? I thought it was just a one time thing! Great picture Dave.

Will Rogers was a comedian?? Huh. Who knew.

Shaq attacks taxes. Say that ten times fast.

yep, layzeeboy - dave's intaxicated

Dave wrote a book?

"Receipts? Now you tell me."

The last time I bought a condom they told me there was tax on it. I said they stayed on without them.

Tell Shaq that filling out tax forms is as easy as hitting free throws.

It's all gone to hell ever since the Roscoe left the IRS.

*snork* at Ralph

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