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April 29, 2015


Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom has created a "memory box" containing a dildo with a compartment for storing the ashes of a deceased partner.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Hey, this guy's got class up his ..., uh look, something shiny!

Ummm...At last he'll be ready to go whenever she is?...

so it's an ashhole dildo


Reminds me of a song.

That guy needs to have a visit with Dr. Phil, he has "issues"

i dunno, texican - kinda reminds me of this one

Yep, you nailed it. My reference was at the end of the song and a bit obscure. Well played.

I sent this in also, but alas, no credit.

I think Judi must be on vacation or Dave is extremely busy....

Dr.Phil: So you want your loved-one's ashes to, um...
pleasure you?

Man: Yeah, cause in our family if you were close, you were screwed....

Dr.Phil: You need help, and a rubber...coat....

The Grateful Dead.

I've heard of the staff of life, but never the staff of afterlife.

Obligatory: vocabulary lesson

Just think, they could both be talking to God at the same time.

But is it dishwasher safe ?

a happy ending ;)

We always thought that Helen would get hers in the end.

He said he wanted a womb with a view.

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