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April 29, 2015


Women's Sex Drive Rivals Men's

(Thanks to Judy B.)


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- doo-dah, doo-dah

Sex contributes to good health also. Relaxes all your nerves.

There is a food that will eliminate a woman's sex drive, it's called wedding cake.

Nothing new here. Move along now..

... and nothing brings it out like a Macy's shoe sale.


Rivalry? We'll show those girls who's Number One.

"A man on the other hand, shouldn’t be so concerned about quality. There’s no real limit on the number of children he can have, if he has them with different women, so he should grab every sexual opportunity he can, regardless of the partner. The costs are low, there are only benefits."

- Dwight Howard

Didja ever` notice that science has way too much free time?

Instead of solving important issues like pollution, irradicating diseases, and insuring prosperity for all, these nitwits spend time "researching' whether men or women have a stronger sex drive.

It's like your house is on fire, and scientists say
"sorry, I've gotta watch Oprah" instead of puttong out the damn fire or getting outta the house and calling the fire department!

We need to let all the ladies know that it is OK to succumb to their drives. There is little danger to their reputations, as most of the time , men won't even remember their names. I am not talking about me, of course, but those other guys. I do remember my name.

Nailed it Clankie.

Now if I can just find some woman who wants driver education. Practice makes perfect.

I have never seen bovine female try to mount a police car

Larry Miller: "“Women say they have sexual thoughts too. They have no idea. It's the difference between shooting a bullet and throwing it. If they knew what we were really thinking, they'd never stop slapping us.”


@Ozzie. It's easier to get on top of a police car than underneath it.

Pretty sure these scientists have never been laid.

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