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April 24, 2015


Leaders want topless sunbathing in L.A.'s Venice Beach

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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From a different source:

Venice Neighborhood Council community officer says, “What do you want to see on Venice Beach?”

Sure beats looking at what I usually find on Venice Beach: The homeless, drug sales, criminals, trash and, as they said in the movie _Woodstock_ "Lotta freaks".

Venice Beach is Ground Zero for PDW. Public displays of weirdness.

Does this mean Lady Godiva, "and the horse she rode in on" will be there?

Film at 11. Please.

Great! Now you'll get to see Linda Hunt and Rosanne Barr types topless! Don't forget to share!

one small step for woman, one giant leap for mankind ;)

Yeah, I'm reminded by a comedian who traveled to a nude beach in France and came back with a profound appreciation of clothing.

I've been to Black's Beach in La Jolla, near UC San Diego. The difficulty of clambering down the bluff to get there seems to limit the amount of flab. Nudity at Venice Beach sounds a bit frightening, though.

Purely in the interest of research I'm sure

A@D: Coached that "officer" in soccer for several years. Couldn't be prouder!

The LA Times posted a story about Venice Beach today.

Some Einstein painted graffiti, on a police horse.
(While it was on duty!)

I've been to Venice Beach. This would not be a major shift. Basically, about one less ounce of Lycra per person.

Does this mean the existing law/ordinance would be re-peeled?

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