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April 14, 2015


Woman breaks up with boyfriend by hitting him with bat

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Your bat says no but your eyes say yes!

So that means she's single you Bloggers of the Male Gender!

Well if getting hit with a bat means no alimony, I'll take the bat.

I imagine the headline would be just as accurate if "up with" were omitted.

When a woman says "Close your eyes", you might want to just run...

While Campbell was outside the house drinking wine that night, Fox told him to close his eyes and that's when she grabbed a baseball bat and struck him in the head with it, police said. She told investigators she didn't want to be his girlfriend anymore, and that's why she decided to hurt him.

Wow - that is Major League Crazy.

amoebastampede -

perhaps adding 'guano' at the end of the headline might soften the blow ?

ligirl: well, that is another way of dropping him. I suppose he'd rather be in-cave than caved in.

yeah, course then - instead of what jeff said - she'd be batsh!t crazy

I guess he forgot to say "break it to me gently."

I break with thee
I break with thee
I BREAK thee

I admire brevity.

Follow-through is important also.

Did he ever get to home base?

I bet he was better looking online. Who isn't ?

In the picture, Ms. Fox is wearing the catcher's chest protector. Frigid.

So was the count two balls & a strike?

Oh. A baseball bat.

Oh I come from Alabama just wanting to be wed
So why'd you take that baseball bat and clock me on the head?

Why are people so violent today. Terrible

A bat? Louisville or vampire? I mean, both are bad, but...

Word is that she had one hot piece of ash.

Not the worst place she could have hit him...

Could have been Cleveland.

"Wood I lie to you?"

Yea Well, now you see why many Portland Dudes just ride bikes and drink our outstanding beer!!!!

So he struck out?

Couch Surfer: Hey, hey, hey! Get your outdated Cleveland stereotypes out of here!

Isn't that why, when you get married, they have you state "for batter or worse"?

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