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April 21, 2015


New species of frog found in Costa Rica looks just like Kermit


(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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Cue Fozzie Bear's entrance vamp.

Today Disney announced a multi-bilion lawsuit against the frog for "copyright infringement:....

Awwww! I want one.

Yet certain parts of him smell like pork...

Do my froggy eyes deceive me, or does the new frog have painted-on eyelashes?

WATCH IT, padraig!

It's not a new species. We just didn't know about it before.

"The frog's translucent belly makes its internal organs easy to see..."

I inspected the photo but didn't see Steve Whitmire's wrist anywhere.

The posting of this story fueled a dream I had last night. In the dream I was for some reason allowed on the closed set of a new Muppet Show "with our Very Special Guest Star, Dave Barry! YaAaAaAaAy!" Dave was rehearsing his big song 'n' dance numbers: a Starcatcher pirate song as well as Disco Frog.

So now I'll be disappointed if this doesn't actually happen. Whom do I call?

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