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April 28, 2015



(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "Send Miley Cyrus to Russia now!")


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Too bad these cops weren't around for Miley.

My dog saw the video and has been "twerking" ever since.

gotta be careful in russia where you twerk

I'm sure, in time, twerking will go the way of all the other dumb fads, such as the use of grammar, saving for retirement and thinking before pulling the voting lever.

"Twerking" wasn't invented by Miley, as it has its roots in everything from belly-dancing to old-time burlesque routines. As my daddy would say, "There ain't nothin' new anyplace."

That being said, I can understand why the Russians were upset about the setting for this particular twerk-a-thon, given the massive loss of life there in WWII. (And, by the way, these girls are good dancers.)

It will soon be revealed that this was a bar mitzvah. Nikki Manaj was already booked.

i'm with putin on this one.

Clearly a violation of the Pussy Riot Act.

putinsky has a tiny dck, and that is why, like hitlersky, he does asinine shhht. AND makes his whole corrupt country do it too.

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