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April 26, 2015


Michigan certifies 32 new mushroom experts

(Thanks to Poker)


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"Dude, I thought you only did...you know, cannibis..."

Overhead at the celebration...

It's the ones growing out of the cowsh*t. There, you're certified.

I wonder if they all have $100K worth of student loans.

Can they double major in toad stools?

The real excitement comes when you buy wild mushrooms from one of the people who failed the test and cannot distinguish between a beefsteak mushroom (tasty wild treat) and an elephant ear (poisonous killer).

I got mine through an online course at Hogwarts.

I went to a small college in Michigan. We had several mushroom experts on our campus.

'Shroom with a view?

Spirit of Carlos Casteneda channelled.

Sounds like a bunch of really fun-gui's!

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