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April 30, 2015


A device that fits in your back pocket or attaches to your belt. It measures your gases and tells you what foods to avoid.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve, who says "I saw Fart Tracker open for Meatloaf.  They played Classical Gas.") (Also thanks to Peter Metrinko, Jeffrey Brown and DaninDallas)

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(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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A person should know what not to eat. No one should need a device

I'm gonna need a bigger Tracker.

Rodrigo is also working a moisture sensing device you wear in your shorts. All you have to do is keep a log of when you drink and when you piss yourself. This way, you can avoid those embarrassing pissed your pants episodes.
Isn't it awesome?! No. It is not.

ipooed ?

Won't this thing just constantly beep when any politician is talking?

Loads of fun at your favorite Taco Hell!

(Marge, this damn think won't shut up. How do ya turn it off again?)

I've had one for years. It's called a wife.

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