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April 30, 2015


Box found in Tampa attic has coins, a map, a hand and a mystery

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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So THAT's where I left it.

Can I please have my "lucky" hand back?


those so-called 'selfie sticks' have been around aLOT longer than i thought

PIRATES! Of course that's the conclusion I'd jump to!

I didn't say I was going to take you to to Florida honey, I just said I was going to Tampa with you.

Foul play suspected; possible hand job.

- thing ??!

Who believes this is about pirate treasure, a show of hands please.

Come on -- this is the opener of one of your and Ridley's kids books, isn't it?

Probably some kid's family history project for school. Of course, that kid is probably a great-grandparent now.

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