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April 24, 2015


Teen wears fake bomb to ask date to prom

(Thanks to Jon Harris and Bill Hudgins)


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Having been a close friend and grade school mate to one of the better known class clowns at school, I know what it's like to be asked things like, "Hey, did you hear your buddy wore a diaper into Denny's last night." "No, just the diaper." If he read this he would say, "Cock man. Let's do it!"

I've reported mt to Homeland Security.

For some reason the term "dumass" comes to mind

RD, what have you got against Alexander Dumas?

He was a great author!

[shuffles back to the geezer bus]

he was "da bomb" in a weird way.

Freaked her out!

Hey baby, after prom I'll let you push this button and blow me.......up.

From _The Breakfast Club_:

Johnson: Well, in physics club, we...we talk about physics. Properties of physics.

Bender: So it is sort of social. Demented and sad, but social, right?

Original draft of boom box scene from "Say Anything"?

I noticed the kid is not named something like "John Smith."

These kids will be running the world while we shuffle around nursing homes in our robes.

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