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April 24, 2015



(Thanks to Jenny Kellner and Peter Metrinko)


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Disqualified. Asses are not allowed in horse racing.

I've been through the desert with my pants fallin' down
It felt good to get out of the town

I've been MOONED!

With a horse named "Modesty". Classic.

Also, this is exactly why jockeys have been replaced by robots in camel races in the U.A.E. True.

modesty lost, twice in one race.

...If the horse is called " Dover ". ( My Fair Lady reference )

Hope they had saddle soap.

Do they race in the opposite direction in Australia because they're in the Southern Hemisphere, like water supposedly swirls down a drain in the opposite direction? Or does it have something to do with their British origins and driving on the opposite side of the road?

It appears that butt cracks line up in the same direction the world over. At least there are some things we can count on.

Yeah, and who's a horse's a&&?

In horse racing, is that what refers to "bringing up the rear"?

He barely finished the race!

He's no sheets to the wind!

The horse owner told him to cheat, but he misheard cheek.

That made this week's ESPN Not Top 10.

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