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April 22, 2015


A Pittsburgh man who had consumed "a lot of vodka" and was furious that his girlfriend hitched a ride with another man jumped onto the hood of an SUV and hung on for a wild three-mile ride, prompting the arrest of the driver, according to the Allentown, Pa. Morning Call.

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez)


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In other stories (including the one I submitted) it stated he traveled 11 miles this way.

If he wanted to be a hood or hood ornament...

he succeeded, breifly.

Not to downplay the idiotic behavior of the guys, but this woman sure seems to know how to pick real winner boyfriends.

I'm guessing that "a lot of vodka" was the key phrase here.

yes, jeff - the skyy's the limit

Hopefully cooler heads prevail at the court ordered joint 12 step program venue.

Pittsburgh man drinking vodka ? Stick to the Iron City beer my friend !

Wasn't this how Uber started?

Or was it Lyft?

How unfair is that? Someone else jumps on my car and I get arrested? Sheesh.

They should have arrested Anna. She was obviously the cause of all of it.

FredKey, So unfair, some freak jumps on my hood, I am not stopping to see if he is a drunk ax-murderer. The key is to go real fast then slam on the brakes, at least that is what they do in movies...

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