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April 26, 2015


Vodka truck ends up in tree after crash on I-95

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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A tree which grows vodka trucks, hmm. While it is amazing what those folks at Monsanto are doing with GM plants these days, I'm not sure they are really that smart. I would have worked on making a pumpkin plant which grows vodka truck, so you wouldn't need all those cranes come harvest time.

Okay, I'll bite. Was alcohol invoved?

(I still blame this and other anomalies on that HardOn collider. It's not wise or nice to screw with Nature.)

Was any vodka harmed?

Coming soon: Oakflavored vodka.

Motto changed from "It's your town" to "It's your fault".

Rock a bye booze truck, in the treetop.

So then, alochol was definitely involved?

Truck Gets High

*groan* @ Bob

Go home Vodka Truck. You're drunk.

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