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April 24, 2015


Woman calls judge an 'impotent geezer' in legendary court document

Advisory: Many non-legal words.

(Thanks to Dani K.)


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"I may be a geezer, but I am not impotent. And you are going to jail, young lady."

What the judge could say....

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. -Shakespeare

Yeth, thee doth, and quite colorfully, too.

Clerk, that's how many counts of contempt of court? Sentences to be cumulative and served successively.

Have a nice day, ma'am.

I don't get the joke.

And putting LOL in her rant really makes her point!

See what happens when you represent yourself!

Why not tell us how you really feel?

An appropriate contempt of court sentence would be a Dale Carnegie course.

Writer's Tourette Syndrome (WTS). Still no excuse for stating she had cocked AK.

My friend the lawyer (of Dewey, CHeatem & Howe) tells me this is rarely a winning legal strategy.

I would high recommend staying off her lawn.

She certainly knows her adjectives doesn't she?

But she knows the difference between "you're" and "your." And at least the use of the semicolon was classy.

The Chicago 7 were amateurs.

Bet there is a job for her at the USDOJ.

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