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April 17, 2015


Woman says Disney implanted her with a chip

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Rich, who says "Hate to break it to you, Ms. Hooker, but Disney already enacted its world-wide brainwashing program. It's called 'Let It Go', and it worked.")


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These are good with implanted salsa.

don't remember any chips, but i know i implanted one of those
mickey mouse soft pretzels into my pie hole


Cue the "Twilight Zone" music.

This is bogus. We have no Hookers in WV. Who needs them when you have family?

What she doesn't know is that the Disney Chip is a part of library card renewal process.

Happy National Library Week!

If she properly angles her tinfoil hat, she will regain control.

Julie Lynne Hooker ==>
Join horny ukelele
Loonier Junky Heel
Nuke Jolly Heroine
Eek hellion, no jury

Anothetr Extreme April Fool's joke that went too far?

WHen the judge asks her for proof. will she produce it?
Or have the judge feel it?

Strange times, indeed.

I once had a (potato) chip implanted in my sandwich. It was deliecious and I wanted more.

Maybe when they take out the chip, they can put in a brain.

I wonder if the chip is shaped like Mickey Mouse ears?

I reccomend she read more on the theory of "free will".

The dilemma of determinism or standard argument against free will is an argument that there exists a dilemma between determinism and its negation, indeterminism, in that both are purported to undermine the possibility of free will.The argument for the dilemma combines two arguments about the relationship between the concepts of free will and determinism. One argument claims that strict determination of our actions would mean they were completely necessitated by past events beyond our present control, and that this would be logically incompatible with the concept of free will.

She's lucky she didn't get implanted with Chip AND Dale..

"Julie Lynne Hooker claims a chip made of rubber material has been implanted inside of her without her knowledge ... "

Then how does she know she has one?

Watching her "represent herself" would be worth the price of admission.

*snork* @ Jim !

Disney's using the chips to get us all to buy "The Worst Class Trip Ever," published by Disney-Hyperion. Now you know.

We'd like to thank you in advance for your gullability.

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