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April 14, 2015


Swedes launch first doughnut into space

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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And this is why we even have a space program.

can a flying f*ck be far behind ?

I would have thought the Swede's would have sent a meatball.

they tried that all ready, ms. flukey, but it impacted the weather so much
that Now
it's jes
with a chance of


Citizens of the galaxy, we mean you no harm. As a gesture of our peaceful intentions, we present you with this doughnut. May the cruller be with you.


Instead of putting a doughnut into space, why don't they just put space inside a doughnut, by leaving the centre empty? Oh, wait....

How'd they get the helmet to fit?

They used a weather balloon. I first read it as water balloon.

The Swedes can think of more silly ways to fritter away their money.

this explains that hadron collider

The first two launches had to be scrubbed after the ground support crew ate the payload.

The Swedish Chef had no comment, other than "Bjork!"

Bjork, on the other hand, laid an egg.

The egg was later scrambled. But it had a smile on it's face.

It will go well with the Espresso machine on the International Space Station.

So, when it returned to Earth, a member of launch team ate it and promptly came down with a bad case of the andromeda strain.

What a lost opportunity! What affect would the air pressure have on a jelly-filled donut? Will we ever know?

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