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April 29, 2015


Pole Dancing Robots Draw Crowds to Major London Tech Startup Event


(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)



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* * sparks will fly * *

Maybe for the robot ligirl but this does nothing for me

After the movie franchise dried up, Johnny 5 took whatever work he could get.

So I guess instead of stuffing bills into the g-string, you use Bitcoin?

riverview dude - i'm sensing some friction

There are lubricants for that

Does it work funerals?

What...time...does...your...shift...end, ...machine ?

I don't think the high heals really do much for her.

Johnny Five, Shame On You!

This would make a great "buddy" robot movie:

Et and this robot,

or a great scifi yarn,

the Terminator and this "trollop"...

Mechanized male voice: "Trollop does not compute..."

Didn't Pole Dancing Robots open for AC/DC?

No Ralph those were hookers

Is no job sacred ? Will we all be replaced by robots ? Will Wafflehouse waitresses be soon replaced ? What if a patron gets a bit too frisky. Will "Ruby the Robot" or "Sapphire the Cyborg" throw him thru the window ?


sure I am old-fashioned, but I require my strippers to be actual female humans. I know the young bucks are into new stuff. There is no doubt an App.

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