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April 23, 2015


Massive killer hornets could be heading to the UK this summer


(Thanks to Allen at Division, who saw them open for somebody)


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I am hoping that is photoshopped because otherwise, yikes!


Oh my word. Looks like they need to get rid of those. Too big and dangerous if they have killed people. I am allergic to hornets. Bees need to be protected.

Need more Raid

When notified the Queen put out a statement calling the potential invasion high on the royal 'What the F@@k scale.'

I hope his thumb was photoshopped, as well. WTF indeed.

Note the tattoo (">>>>"sort of) on the appendage or armor just left of the head.

It's a gang member? Boy we are in trouble!

When was the last time the Brits broke out the "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters for anything other than nostalgia?

It's pining for the fjords


I'd unleash the KILLER BEES on them. Whatever happened to them ? I thought they'd be in control by now.


We have killer bees all over the Southwest. Any wild hive is assumed to be "Africanized" bees -- and they have killed people. Most domestic hives have also been taken over by the mutants. Beekeepers have been forced to adapt to them.

Well England is the home of WASPS. It won't be long before it's sitting at home on the dole drinking warm beer and eating spotted dick like all the rest.

Short NG video: Hornets from Hell

Not photoshopped so much as cleverly photographed. That thumbnail looks huge compared to the other fingernails.

Anyway, I'd put the Cicada Killer Wasps we get every summer up against that little guy any time. Though the CKWs are notably peaceful toward humans, and they keep the cicadas in check. So maybe not the best warriors for this battle.

Asian giant hornets really are huge, more than 2 inches long, bigger than those cicada killer wasps.

Awww, they're like puppies! With wings. And venomous stingers. OK, they're not like puppies.

I want the rights to the next Bee movie.

I was wondering what happened to Sting. But the rest of the Police are missing.

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