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April 29, 2015


Bull has a thing for Florida deputy’s patrol car


(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm more of a coupe man.

talk aboutcher bum steer

I take it that the bull doesn't get out often?

texican: it was a coupe, after that bull got thru with it

so the bull likes his junk in the trunk ?


Bovine Pervert Syndrome

Do not snow that bull where the gas nozzle goes.

That would be show and not "snow." Sheesh!

Cow porks pig's ride.

When does the Supreme Court take this up ?

Must have been "hump day", right?

Snork @ ligirl. For the Junk in the trunk...

No wonder the price of beef is so high. All the bulls
are mating with cars.

Old-timers remember that we were told to "put a tiger in our tank..." but we never conceievd of this...

Where's the beef? Now we know.

Florida gives out licenses for THAT?!?

Snork @ Gargoyle

and it's not even a matador.

and that got me thinking if the bull was boinking a Peterbuilt would that be in a semi insemination?

Snork @ ligirl &&& Gargoyle Socks

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