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April 16, 2015


Dad wants this.

(Thanks to Loudmouth)


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Funny and cute. One could use that for shopping. Dave would want one to go with the Oscar Mayar Weiner Mobile.When his grandson is older he could pick him up in that. (ha)

They call that a mini at Costco.

There were some weird things happening in the DC area yesterday. Giant shopping carts, Mad Max style gyrocopter pilots (from Florida!) delivering the mail, and pedestrian bridges collapsing.

"Sir, I'm gonna have to see your license, registration, insurance, and Smart Shopper card..."

The giant cart is called the Shopper Chopper. Our home base is Lancaster County, PA, but we were in Houston for the Art Car Parade and stopped off in Alexandria on the way back to PA to take a few friends out to lunch in Old Town. We use the cart for promotions and charity events.

On a nice day, it's the greatest convertible you can imagine. We were pulled over by some fun-loving Alexandria policemen, but they were just curious.

Not me, I've had enough of convertibles.

Mother's Day is coming first and I want one!

If you drive this into a grocery store, you might become trapped in a recursive loop.

perfect for backseat drivers.

Ok, but I thought we were all going in a handbasket. This is way better.

With the CFC ban, the future of vehicle air conditioning.

I seem to recall sending in an article about this thing -- with picture -- years ago. I think it got posted but can't remember for sure.

Takes Dad's temperature Are ya feelin' a little ill today?

I'd love to see the Walmart scooter people try to outrun that!

Oh, I saw one of those in a parade once. They put it before the horse.

Hell YEAH let's go shopping!

You could be homeless and carry your whole house in it!

Does one of the front tires go whumpety-whumpety? Otherwise, it's not realistic enough.

Hey be thankful for the carts. And Go carts. and huge go-cart carts.

They help me scoot through stores in out in 10 minutes or less.

Though I do hate the clumpty clumpt of that one darn wheel.

Basket case.

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