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April 30, 2015


A therapist has devised the scariest couples exercise ever: Assembling Ikea furniture

(Thanks to Judy B.)


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'More problematic : the “Divorcemaker.”...

- that would be that one night stand

I have friend who call that foreplay.

Don't stare too long at the big chests.

A:Honey, where did you put "TAb C"

B: There is no Tab C...I've looked four times...

A:I told you NOT to tell me that....

Any of that furniture that you have to assemble is usually missing hardware of some kind.

What's the problem?

No, I'm not cursing at you. Just put your Fyrkantig on the Grönkulla.

We've been married 37 years, but it almost ended at 2 when we tried putting up wallpaper many moons ago.

I'm going to go not very far out on a limb and suggest that the therapist has a few nuts loose, probably some on on her IKEA furniture too.

Wow -- worse than playing Monopoly together? Well, that just Fyrkantigs my Grönkulla.

The last time I was in an IKEA (5 years ago), they did have a nice plastic container deptartment.

Hey OldPhil... wife and I are going on 40 years. I'm pretty handy with small tools (or at least I used to be). But, the only 'issues' we've ever had is while hanging pictures (leveling them)...I finally put the level tool away and just let the wife say when it's level.

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