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April 21, 2015


Willie Nelson to sell marijuana

(Thanks to Ross Marks)


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It has to be a jointly held corporation.

Well, duh.

You were always on my vine;
you were always on my vine.

One joint and you'll won't care that your best friend ran off with your wife, your car was stolen, your dog died, or any of the other thousand or so disappointments commonly know as "country music".

[Just saying. I like some, but not all, country music.]

Snork, by the way, @texican.

"Back on the Toke Again" might be a surprise (hit) single, and yes the puns were intended, thank you.

And to quote that fine documentary starring Al Pacino:

"Don't get high on your own supply."

"...You gotta know when to roll-em,
know when to fold-em..."

WAIT...that wasn't Willie was it ?

"Willie has smoking the amount of pot you have over the course of your career helped in keeping you glaucoma free?"

"Yes, my eyes are in excellent shape. Much like my Martin N20 is"

In other shocking news, water is found to be wet.

Reading this makes me hungry.

"I'll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again."

After watching the video I didn't get the urge to smoke, but I managed to break a hole through the spruce top of my Fender Auditorium.

Yep Willie would be the one to grow it alright.

For some reason I don't believe that selling weed is an entirely new type of business for Mr. Nelson.

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