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April 27, 2015


Condoms sold through Groupon Australia's website are being recalled over fears the "counterfeit" prophylactics contain flaws including holes.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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A friend of mine, a physicist, has a boyfriend (now fiancee) who used an inferior product. They're hoping they can get through the wedding before the baby arrives.

I saw Counterfeit Condoms open for The Wily Primates.

Helluva show.

Robin, my girlfriend is pregnant!!

Holy condoms, Batman!

Right again, Robin.

Holy condoms.....brilliant!

That is a real DOWN UNDER ALERT!

kinda like a screen door on a submarine, 'cept These WON'T keep the crabs out

Better use two or three, just in case . . .

But still, at those prices . . .

oh my gaud, I am suing groupin for the cost of my future child's education, thru grad school...

What's this about a group putting on condoms together?

THat's just sick.

Oh, it was a group sale? Almost as bad, but...nevermind.

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