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April 27, 2015


Scientists prove vampire squirrels of Borneo have fluffiest tails in the world

(Thanks to C McWhorter, Raymond Wright and Ralph)


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The mullets of the squirrel world, in other words.

i dunno, those Twilight books were awful fluffy tales

Soon to be released into the Everglades by idiots.

Must be why that man was so wild.

Whoa! That's some tail!

I saw the Vampire Squirrels warming up for Lordi in Helsinki. Hell of a show.

"The Vampire Squirrels of Borneo"

Wasn't that the name of a Gordon Lightfoot ballad? I think it was on his Don Quixote album and also made it on the Gord's Gold compilation album.

Good Times.

Gargoyle Socks: I think you're confusing it with Firesign Theater's album "The Giant Rat of Sumatra."

It may be a subspecies.

Like all vampires, they only come out at night.

Which is why the constables of Borneo suggest people walk in pairs after dark.

The article also neglected to say if garlic or a cross helps protect one.....

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