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April 28, 2015


Dad Gets Massive Tattoo of Baby on His Face


(Thanks to Andrew Mendez)


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Is this the standard model or the fully-loaded pimple package (squeeze its cheeks and it spits up)?

clap clap clap calp
Deep in the heart of Texas!

You make us all soooo proud, son.

Send this guy a "I Do Dumb Things" t-shirt right now!

That is one homely baby. Just sayin'.

Tattoos I don't care for at all. If he was so proud a T-shirt would of been fine

years from now he may regret this, but he'll always have his 'babyface'


kids today - gettin' all up in their parent's face . . .

- used to be more like this

He can wear one earring for his ear and the tatoo.

When he goes back to prison, he will be known as Babyface.

He is now eligible to work in a bookstore or goth store....both of which are having difficuties staying profitable.

Looks like the next Stephen King novel...

"Danny Two Face" and something about being possessed by a tattoo?

(And now my eyes burn....)

I guess he's planning on having no more than two kids. Never mind. I don't think this guy does a whole lot of planning.

gargoyle - i think he has enough cheeks for 4


Send him to Oregon. He'll fit right in.

Hang on to those parental rights, kid.

Someone actually had sex with this doofus?

This guy is living proof that cavemen had sex with dinosaurs.

He may become a trifle angry when his GF tells him the child isn't his..

Dave M, back off mate. Oregon is full of poor hard-working normal people. There are some young freak-idiots in Portland that largely came from where you-all live. And take back all the mobs of the hobos too. Just because we are kind folks, does not mean all you trash should come here.

He can tell people it's a birthmark. Get it? A birthmark! Ha ha ha! I kill me.

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