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April 29, 2015


Indian thief fed bananas to expel gold necklace

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)

In accordance with this blog's strict policy, we are not taking note of the alleged perpetrator's first name.


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Don't worry. Everything will come out alright at the end.

But it could be messy so wear gloves.

That's gonna hurt!

The bananas are bulk so the necklace won't perforate his bowel. Giving him laxatives would probably have wrecked 'im.

ring, ring,
'Hello Anil? This is Gianantonio Locatelli with Museo Della Merda...'

His dog, Bandit, put him up to it.

I couldn't help but notice that they spelled Anil wrong.

The poopetrator.

i say, make him poop it out and then eat it again. that'll learn him.

Penalty flag thrown at Bob....truly awful...Snork...

Shouldn't it be called a gutlace...?

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 Rupees. But passing a gold necklace? That's encouraged!

I would think an MRI machine would solve this in about 10 seconds.

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