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April 14, 2015


Florida plans to give hunters another shot at pythons in 2016


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Well, no hunters, and damned few pythons, died last time, so...

“There’s an old saying that 10 percent of the fisherman catch 90 percent of the fish,” he said. “The same is probably true of pythons.”

Pyth-agor-on theorem ?

So ...

After a bit of research, I found there were upwards of 150,000 pythons in the 'Glades in 2014. Each female lays approximately 100 eggs.

Somebody else do the math. I'm thinking they may have better luck in 2016.

Rope 'em 'n ride 'em, cowboys.

Pyth-agor-on theorem ?

Perhaps the worst and most unpronounceable pun Evah ! Well done !

ledud - if the math's too hard jes stick with the adder

*waits to catch penalty flag*

That's the first I've ever heard of Judas snakes.

I'll take thirty piecesss of sssilver, pleassse

Maybe set the next Hunger Games in the 'Glades. That should improve focus.

Dave: Could the glades be one of the stops on the next Herald Hunt?

Cheesie, I think then we would see more folks walking on the water. ( AIIYEEEEE! )

One problem is that the Florida Wildlife Commission limits the type of weapons allowed. Napalm, heavy artillery with tactical nukes, and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch might be more effective.

penalty flag thrown at ligirl. More puns like that would boa problem.

Last year they were sort of pansy about the hunt. There were rules to make sure the hunt was humane and all that crap. It was like they didn't take the whole snake anschluss thing seriously.

Open season on pythons, or open season on hunters?

Really, Anschluss? Killing invasive snakes is like the holocaust?


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