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April 14, 2015


Trevor Hotchkiss asked Aziza Radwan to the prom the only way he knew how - with a cow.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Trevor is now readying a duck to ask for something else after the prom.

Connecticut? What the duck?

Jeff -- I grew up in that area. This doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is that a kielbasa isn't somehow involved.

Maybe after the prom ...

In Iowa, this would be a marriage proposal.

He forgot the two game wardens and seven hunters.

Someone tried the exact same way of asking me, but I misunderstood and it backfired on the guy. But the cow and I had a really good time at the prom. All eyes were on the bell of the ball.

I wonder if he would have butchered the cow if she'd said no ?

Udderly romantic.

Radwan said yes.

Terry did a little dance, and commented that
if she married the cow, she would have fresh milk for
a few years.

Trevor was trying to get the cow hitched ever since he
(apprently) misunderstood his dad's speech about
"getting the milk for free."

{alternate interpretation)

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