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April 21, 2015


Miley Cyrus’ armpit hair has divided social media

(Thanks to Ralph)


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She's on her "Disgust America" tour, I presume?

What's that smell?

I'll click Manilow links all day before I click this one.

um, i'm thinking the armpit hair is Not the most disturbing thing in That picture

Exhibit one for forced sterilization: The Cyrus Clan.

Keep on being classy Miley.

Ship her and Beib to Canada or Guantanmo...
Just remove them from our presence....PLEASE?

She sure has grown up.....(achhh...ooooo..errgggg..)

I'm with wanderer2575 on this one. There is no way I'm clicking on that link. Blech!

If that was her only issue, we could all sleep better at night.

Better tha social media dividing her armpit hair.

It's hair. We're mammals. Let's move on.

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