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April 21, 2015


A clean-water activist plans to take the ultimate plunge on Earth Day, swimming 1.8 miles through Brooklyn’s nautical purgatory — the Gowanus Canal.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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There is an urban legend that a person jumped into the Chicago River to save a person who fell in. The rescuer, however, did not survive exposure to the river.

I'm hoping to organize counterprotests to Earth Day marches. I'm thinking the chant "Earth First, Then Mars. Pillage Plunder Decimate" has a ring to it.

Just walking by the Canal is bad enough, trust me. This guy has a death wish.

can't spell Gowanus without anus

"10-to-15-foot base of mercury-laden “black mayonnaise,” the putrid, poisonous sediment lurking at the bottom of the waterway."

Ewww. If they dredge that up, where the heck would they put it? Can't burn it.


yuck: What the HELL,man?!

Didn't Kramer do this on Seinfeld?

And we have the "audacity" to ask, "is our young people learning"?

Well anyone could do it with full dry suit etc.

But, then again, if he had any balls, he'd lose them during an unprotected swim.

If he survives that, next: the Passaic River.

I saw Lurking Sediment open for Sister Sludge.

goo-d one, ligirl

What is a Gow and does it really have an anus?

This seems to be a perfectly fitting course of action on Lenin's Birthday. I hope his dry suit is red.

Ten bucks says he bounces off the surface.

He will stink more than Miley.

"Here, hold my beer."

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