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March 24, 2015


Huge $50 Bloody Mary features vodka, Worcester sauce, prawns, celery sticks... and a WHOLE fried chicken


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'll have a bourbon. Hold the suckling pig.

A VodPrawnKen is a traditional way to celebrate spring

*Books trip to Wisconsin*

Now I know where padraig has been lately.

A friend who has eaten there tells me he has seen someone order the fully-loaded cheeseburger Bloody Mary but not the fried chicken one.

What... no cheese ?!

I'll just have a Diet Coke.

It sounds like the setup to a bad joke: How do you suck a chicken through a straw?

silly pirateboy - everyone knows it's turkey in the straw (haw haw haw!)

That joke drew a technical fowl, ligirl.

I'd call you on it, but I'm chicken.

Didn't Dave win a pullet surprise a few times?

"Pullet surprise" sounds like something that guy from Minnesota would serve at the office.

Seriously, it's a bargain price for a dinner for four!

We're gonna need a bigger hangover.

The perfect tonic to guarantee...

you miss work the next day...
your sugar level goes wack-kay...
your cholesterol spokes and solifies...
you won't need any fries...

Bueller? Care to try ???

What's in the "Virgin Mary" version of this--McNuggets?

@K - Tofu

one for the road?

Original or extra crispy.

Hail Mary, full of grease....

Happy hour specials ?

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