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March 31, 2015


Flatulent cows deliver blow to environment, wind conference hears

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Super colon blow.

Flatulent cows deliver blow

*another rim shot!*

Keep them away from the blue dye, otherwise they may moo'ed indigo.

*Flam tap*

Why not send all the cows to CERN so that when they create their black holes and open a doorway to the parallel universe, the cow flatulence will get sucked in and sent out of our universe. That way we can save our gravity and have cleaner air to breathe, too.

Take your big, black cow and go home.

Just feed them pumpkin seeds and wait for the rectal bezoars to form.

"Flatulent cows deliver blow"
So much for the war on drugs.

I thought we solved this problem in '12....

The cows were single and female, as it was a no-bull idea.

I saw them open for Phish.

Would a cow frat have a lot of fart lighting contests?

What's worse: " Cattle toots " or thousands of hysterical global warming lectures ? You decide.

Damnit, the problem is eructation, not flatulence. The reporter doesn't know his ass from his mouth.

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