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March 26, 2015


Termite species mix in Florida, reproducing at breakneck rate

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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The research found that Asian male termites prefer Formosan females, and that their colonies within one year contain about 160 individuals compared to 60 in a single-species colony.

And yet, the U.N. does nothing....

somewhere some mad scientist is laughing his head off, and somewhere else, another made scientist will try mating the Mixed offspring of termites with Africanized bees....

/begin straight thoughts/
We suffered through subterranean termites ~two years ago. Insurance does not cover termite treatments. Certified termite guy told me some war stories about the Formosan termites. They build their colonies above ground, inside walls. He walked into one place and told the owner it was very bad. He showed the owner the door frame molding and just pushed his finger thru it .. termites had eaten everything behind the paint. It cost $15K to tent the two-story house and fog it overnight. (Owner said it was a $2M house - fix it whatever it costs.)
They stationed a couple workers outside to prevent thieves from breaking in. One time, the owners returned to their house to find a guy on his back with their TV on his chest stone dead. Thought he'd get some goods while the house was empty, ignoring the warning signs that dangerous pesticides were in use.
Formosans breed and move at an astonishing rate. I can't imagine how much worse they could be.
/end straight thoughts/

Please return to your regularly scheduled humo(u)r

If one of the termites manages to mate with those Burmese pythons it's all over.

CC, Would this said cross breeding be a "Terthon" or a "Pymite" ? I say bring in the anteaters and aardvarks and turn them loose in FL.

Unless the termites mate with sharks, southern Florida won't have a problem in a few decades.

In the meantime, when can we expect to see Termitesharknado?

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