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March 17, 2015


Accused killer Robert Durst misidentified in AP story as ‘former Limp Bizkit frontman’ Fred Durst


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I saw Limp Bizkit open for Meatloaf.

Well, I for one can't tell them apart.

Six of one...

At least they corrected it.. If at Durst you don't suceed..

Durst in the hearts of his countrymen.

Earlier, I was able to view the video. It's a great video of Dave and Sam. Youse guys should continue on for several more hours, then days checking to see if it works. Or you can take my word.
Youtube is a hassle to load videos for viewing. I loaded a video of myself playing along to a Trower CD and got a copyright infringement warning letter! Yes, I am that good. Vimeo was easy to use by comparison and hassle-free for me when loading videos for viewing. I can play Trower on Vimeo and even if I sound better than Robbin, no one over there seems to care. I play a killer version of Carol King's It's too late. Don't want to draw attention and get a copyright infringement letter though. And my time is valuable. Keep trying. This is only Tuesday.

My earlier message was posted in time of stress. The message is in reference to Dave's earlier post showing his brother Sam and Neil Young playing harmonica together.

What about Dave 'Barry' Durst?

Is everyone certain that the AP wasn't right, did Limp Bizkit have Robert Durst as a front man before they dumped him for the similarly named Fred Durst? And if they did confuse the two, what is this "former" thing, is Limp Bizkit getting rid of Fred Durst? That would be awful for Fred Durst, to be confused with a murderer AND find out you band is dumping you at the same time.

I had an over-inflated balloon once that I squeeze too hard.

It Durst.

And why was his Bizkit Limp?

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