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March 30, 2015


Uganda Trumpets 'Vuvuzelas' as New Tool to Deter Elephant Attacks

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Send them to Congress. The trumpets and the elephants.

Uganda Trumpets 'Vuvuzelas'

*rim shot*

This long plastic trumpet, often found at sporting events throughout the continent, emits a loud booming sound that irritates the elephant into retreating.

Repels elephants AND people, too.

The Pentagon spent millions of dollars researching sound, for "crowd control"...only to be trumped (or trumpeted) by the Vuvuzelas.

And Jeff, we did send the elephants to Congress, didn't we? Maybe....we should rethink that....

Unless you like cleaning up ( a lot ) after elephants, I'd say... don't do it.

This is like the suggestion that you ring a bell if you're hiking in bear country. It could just as well be the day some bear decides he's had enough of the racket and goes to find who's ringing that damned bell.

I might need one to prevent rampaging elephants in Schaumburg, Illinois. Can't be too careful around youth soccer players.

Elephants have now learned how to use vuvuzelas to pick human remains from between their toes.

When I was camping along Skyline Drive the rangers would use sirens to get the bears to leave the campgrounds. The bears would would stop, look at the rangers and then amble away. It was all very polite.

The Vuvuzelas opened for the Violent Femmes.

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