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March 26, 2015


A jury today found a Michigan woman guilty of firing a shot into a McDonald’s drive-thru window after employees failed to put bacon on a cheeseburger she ordered.

(Thanks to Chris Elzi and Bill Hudgins)


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Wait until she hears about his goats!

"Innocent Your Honor. My client can't even spell bacon."

I think they were trying to do her a favor, iykwim.

As I said when I sent this in, it must have been an all-vegan jury.

Or maybe it was the hair.

It's bacon, Jake.

This is why managers should handle all complaints.

She almost got Ronald right in the McNuggets.

Bacon rage?

If road rage is rage about something that happened on
the road, does that mean bacon rage is something that happened on the bacon?

And how can you tell when someone "is on the bacon"?

I think the FDA needs to kook I mean look into this.

The real story: she was mad because some practical joker on another shift had told her that she would get a 50% discount if she wore her special underwear outside her clothes ( see picture above).

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