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March 27, 2015


An Australian woman was denied bail after she allegedly squirted breast milk on a police officer’s head, arms and clothes.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)

Related: Ariz. woman flashes kids at bar mitzvah, lets boys fondle new breast implants

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Interestingly, no complaints from the teenage boys at the Arizona party. Mazel tov!

Also, the words "drunken yoga instructor" are guaranteed to lead to a fun night!

"Today I am a man!" AZ bar mitzvah style...

Assault con leche

Unlawful Lactation

Evidently, she didn't have a concealed carry permit.

Things sure were different when I was 13.

This has to be in the Top 5 List for any "what do you want for your bar mitzvah" list..

Sometimes, you just have to wonder about Australia.

On the plus side she created a new yoga positions: "barfing dog".

Am I the only one who remembers the bar mitzvah scene in JOSHUA THEN AND NOW? Because that sure rings a bell.

On the other hand, nursecindy would say, "This is your brain on meth."

This is so wrong, I'm going to burn in hell for this, but here goes;

"She allegedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy who was the last to leave," ...but the first to .


The Arizona Board of Education released a statement confirming Radomski was not employed as a teacher, but was the top write in vote getter for teacher of the month on the Board's Facebook page.

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