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March 24, 2015


Lack of orange juice leads Louisiana man to shoot son in buttocks

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As the proud parent of a teenager I say - yes - totally justified.

A day without orange juice is like a day without gunfire.

"The son was taken to a hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening."

Pays to wear a bulletproof vest on your buttocks when you think you might need a drink of orange juice and say something wrong to dad.

pulp friction

Orange you glad it wasn't in Florida?

Were the buttocks freshly-squeezed?

It certainly had to be Florida orange juice.

OJ, the humanity!

*Snork* Clankie.

- could've had a V8 . . . or a .38 . . .

Who wants an orange whip? Orange whip? Orange whip? Three orange whips.
- John Candy

Spare the whip ...oh, just shoot the
---Elridge Dukes

Right in the butt-ocks.

Got him in the can.

Hey, can't make a proper Mimosa or Fuzzy Navel without it. Breakfast of Louisiana Champions!

This is silly; NEVER shoot someone for not having any orange juice!
However, apricot nectar! Now that’s worth shooting over.

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