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March 30, 2015


Woman accused of stabbing Akron boyfriend because he ate all their salsa

(Thanks to Stever)


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Yeah, didn't Jason Bourne use the old knock-over-the-TV-and-stab-them-when-they-reach-for-it move in The Bourne Supremacy?

Five of the last six posts are about food and violence and/or injury. It's time we start regulating food, provide training on the safe use of food and limit the number of people who are allowed access to it.

Repeating food can be especially dangerous.

We're going to need a lot more chips.

Whoa. Scary eyes.

Stay off her lawn.

I dare you to double dip.. Go ahead I dare you!!!

"She yelled and jammed a pen into the left side of the man's pelvis."

She knows the weak spot.

No one touches my salsa twice, but that's mostly because my medium is has to be registered with the authorities.

But he saved the TV!

Phyllis's Song

I stab you in the stomach old man
Cause all day you sit on your can...
eating up all the salsa...damn
And you never buy a new can

I stab you in the stomach old man
I'll wreck your TV too
Until I finally get through to you
Just you caught it so be glad

Didn't know I'd get so mad
So Don;t eat my salsa all up
Or I get into a slashing burn
I'm glad I did it cause you had to learn


Goodbye, Mr. Chips?

A witness claimed she "salsa" crime.

But was he watching The Jeffersons?

In six months I'll be sending my daughter off to attend the University of Akron. Now I'm having second thoughts. Maybe it will be fine if she just doesn't bring any salsa.

Scott -- Back in the day (early to mid 1980s), I asked my Mom to send medium salsa from home to the Chicago suburb where I went to college. On taco nights, I would bring my own.

One seminary student from New York tried the salsa. After grabbing every liquid within arm's reach, she declared that the substance had to be from the devil if it was that hot.

Salsa from home might be a good thing in Akron.

Interesting that all the blogments above seem to be from blog guys in a jumpy mood. The blog girls are all apparently in the background humming 'oooh yeahh' to themselves. Look out,guys! A ration of flowers and candy and maybe dinner at Taco Bell would seem to be in order. Don't hog the salsa.

My inspiration was the song "Bust Your Windows"
about a young woman who found out her partner was
cheating on her.

I am not jumpy. And I'll bust any one who says I am.

(Actually, I wouldn't bust anyone or windows. But likewise, I make sure there are at least two full extra jars of salsa around, just in case...)

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