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March 26, 2015


McDonald's clothing.


You almost had us there, McDonald's.



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But are they bulletproof?

Um.....Nice buns??? Er.....Looks like you've got some special sauce there??? Ahem.....Is that a pickle, or are you just happy to see me???

Worst fast food idea since The Whopper perfume...

I almost sent that in but I figured it had to be a bunch of crap...much like most Mickey D products, come to think of it.

Hey man, your McNuggets are showing.

That dog photo is going to be misunderstood in some countries.

I'll wear those over my Whopper shorts.

those are completely ridiculous. but mcnugget pajames would be really cool.

They deserve a BRICK today.

Is this one of those brown and white or blue and black things?

This can double as your Halloween costume.

Just tell people you are dressed as "unhealthy"...

By the look in his eye, I'd say that dog will be seeking revenge.

these can double as your Halloween costume.

But be careful about showung off your buns...

Once again the film "Idiocracy" was prescient.

agent: I've got good news and bad news. the good news is I got you a gig.

model: modeling lingerie for Victoria's secret?

agent: uh, not exactly.

They're actually better looking than some of that Parisian runway-model outfits.

Does this outfit make my buns look too big?

Two of these people know their modeling career is over. One is still delusional

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