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March 27, 2015


Goose causes downtown outage, crash

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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"An Idaho Power spokesman said the goose likely did not survive."

This was wishful thinking on the part of the spokesman, who has had to seek more conventional employment than posing long-haired and shirtless for romance-novel covers in recent years.

So the goose is cooked?

It's no fun being goosed.

Well played PirateBoy.

Shoddy journalism again -- what kind of goose? Are they sure it wasn't an African or European swallow?

The unfortunate goose found the entire incident to be somewhat shocking.

The audience was heard to exclaim "Ohm, my gosh!"

The goose must have been celebrating before the accident. IT was a Pate of one...

Maybe "Grey Goose" was involved? Vodka lovers would agree.

It was all a plot to get down....

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