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March 26, 2015


Did someone just fart in front of the Duchess of Cambridge?


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Off with his head!

Nice to know the British Press has such important news to cover. Lord knows, where would the world be, if we
didn't know when someone passed gas?

And in other news. Someone paid a huge sum on ebay last week for "Vapours of Kayne"....

I fart in your general direction...

France on high alert

It was the chap sitting next to her

To the Tower !


"I say, Lord who?"

the awkward moment when you think you're doing a silent fart and it comes out like a machine gun

this would make a brilliant kid's book, sort of like "where's waldo?" -

Maybe it's just me but I think the Duchess of Cambridge looks a little guilty.

nursecindy are you implying the heir was soiled ?

That's right blame it on the next guy. Too funny. She isn't innocent either.

"We" who smelt it, dealt it.

"They're royalty, they don't smell like shit."

Classical gas.

Then there's the big guy behind her left shoulder, digging his nose...

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