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March 31, 2015


A wild coyote was spotted Monday roaming around the roof of a bar in Queens.


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"Bronx wilderness area'? What is this, center field?

Send it to Congress.

Sorry bud, all those beeps are car horns, not roadrunners.

Later after police spoke to it, authorities confirmed it was a chimp street gang member. The chimp nor any of apes of the gang were known to have guns, so it's identifying tattoos were photographed and it was released back into the wild streets. Police plan to add patrol units and extended patrol times to the area.

Refuse to serve coyotes and you're in deep trouble.

That's wiley

Maybe it was trying to get away from a cougar.

If it can make it there . . .

One day he will catch that Road Runner

So that's what happened to Rinny?

Shoot the damn coyotes. Make great pimp coats.

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