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March 29, 2015


Men are going nuts over Lululemon's 'anti-ball crushing' pants

This has been The Fashion Report.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Had these been available last century, we would have never heard Clinton proclaim his innocence by saying something stupid like, "I think I rolled a nut."

Umm... This concept is not new. Duluth Trading has been selling "ballroom jeans" for several years. $128 for these? I'll stick to $40 "relaxed fit" khakis, thanks.

Cod piece heaven.

That's because Lululemon doesn't sell anything bigger than size two.

I agree with Spiny Norman. Duluth beat them to it design wise. Now, if deluth offered ballroom skinny jeans in a rainbow of colours to cater to the metrosexual crowd, they might destroy LLL. Until then, probably nothing to worry about.

Disappointed it wasn't about strategically armored jeans.

This sentence does not parse: "...a first step toward the serious-yet-casual, austere-yet-virile masculine style promised by health goth life yo."

Can someone please translate this into English?

And "Yo".

I think it says, you can wear them to the prom but not to church

Yo, bro.

Ball-Crushing Pants opened for Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

So when did you guys stop wearing pantaloons?

Hammer pants for the win!

Sweatpants are $8 at Walmart.

The Duluth "Ballroom" jeans are my absolute favorite.

Your wives still let you HAVE balls?

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