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March 25, 2015


'Minesweeping' pig banned from drinking in a pub for headbutting customers

(Thanks to Ron G. and Ralph)


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Loveable Menace .. that's not exactly what I was thinking when I read this story.

The pig gets better and better looking as the night wears on.

Oh, come on! Who hasn't had nights like that?

Mmmm. Bacon....

Women admit it. When the headline mentions a pig, you thought it was about a guy.

Pig stealing discarded drinks, TOGA PARTY!

I saw Minesweeping Pig open for the Animals.

Place was a sty.

Francis Bacon the pig might become bacon....

if he keeps bothering the customers.

A drunk pig is not a pretty or welcoming sight.

I didn't know they make pubs just for headbutting customers.

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