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March 17, 2015


British Airways flight to Dubai forced to return to London due to ‘a smelly poo’ that stunk up entire plane

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Trent Whitney)


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Didn't Stinky Poo open for the Butt surfers!

If you want to join the Mile High Club, you have to pay your doos.

More proof that you should NEVER eat at P.F. Chang's the night before flying...

Stinky toilet turned back plane
Dooo-dah dooo-dah

Well, it WAS going to Doo-bai.

Maybe British Airways can sell the plane to Creflo Dollar, the "pastor" and evangelist of an Atlanta mega-church. He's in the market, but wants a Gulfstream.

I don't believe "A smelly poo" is grammatically correct.

And ImNotDave, it's ButtHOLE Surfers, please.

A smelly poo? You mean Justin Bieber?

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