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March 18, 2015


“Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” will air on July 22 at 9 p.m. EST


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With programs like this, one must ask:
Will Flipper or Free Willy or Charlie the Tuna make
any cameos?

Will David Hasselhoff's hair ever get wet (or disturbed)?

Will there be exploding toilets or exploding sharks?

Will Justin Beiber make a cameo as a nerdy scientist?

And how soon after Syfy airs it will the Blu-Ray and DVD's be released (my guess is less than 48 hrs.)?

Oh my gosh.

When is " The 33 Hours of Brawndo Ads " special airing ?

I have to check with Anderson's Bookshop to see if they can have a viewing party.


What a wonderful opportunity for live blogging from your command couch. Yes?

Dave wrote Sharknado?

I bet after seeing it you won't go in any tornados.

A toupee can't use a teleprompter.

President: Mark Cuban
Vice-President: Ann Coulter

I've heard Michele Bachmann plays a congresswoman in it.

OMG that's my birthday! My dreams have come true!

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