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March 24, 2015


Ejaculating On Your Colleagues' Food Is Not A Sex Crime In Minnesota

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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How about those Twins !

Didn't Non-Dairy Creamer dissolve as a band, about 20 years ago?

Their guitar player was always stirring up trouble, and he milked the band it for all it was worth.

But their last album went gold: The Milk of Human Kindness, which the Rolling Stones covered on their Sticky Fingers tour.

It eliminates the choice of spit versus swallow.

It may not be a sexual crime, but it's every other kind of crime.

I think this article is splitting hairs.

It all comes down to sementics.

PB. I think the band was called the Loving Spoonful.

Can capital punishment be carried out against someone not, technically , accused of a crime?

Let's hope that while Lind is convalescing in jail, what goes around comes around. IYKWIM(AITYD)

John Robert Lind ==>
Lord Job Thinner
Broil John Trend
Inbred Horn Jolt
Jib Nerd Hot Lorn
Job Trend - Hi Lorn
Hi Born Nerd Jolt
Brr Honed In Jolt
Brr No Tiled John
Brr Oh Jolted Inn

BOLO Picture and Mugshot

John Link BIO
Plumbing and Heating Dept Manager
Leveraging more than 14 years of retail hardware experience and 10 years in our plumbing department, John L. runs our plumbing and heating areas of Beisswenger’s like a pro. In addition to being able to answer any out-of-the-box question about plumbing and heating projects, he can assist customers with almost anything in the store.

Just don't ask him to fetch you a coffee.

so MOTW - sounds like he's more of a Liquid Plumber

Hey! I ordered my burger with-out the "special sauce"!!!

"Hey, John--grab me a coffee, will ya?"


Obligatory: Cream of sum young guy.

Thank you! Come again!

Always hold the mayo.

The rap wasn't the only thing he beat.

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