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March 30, 2015


After uproar, well-endowed statue in S. Utah loses prominent feature

(Thanks to wiredog and Ralph)


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The key quote: " I don't know what a weenie on a bull is supposed to look like"

I lived 10 years in southern Utah, have been to Hurricane (pronounced "Hurriken") many times, and have friends there. How does someone live there and not know what a bull's weenie looks like? This isn't the big city.

We should note that this is a follow-up to an earlier story on the blog. Judy will, I'm sure, be fired for not linking to it.

"I told them I am not removing the penis for you or because of your complaints. I don't like you. I'm doing it for me," said the man in the Hospitality Industry.

The headline should have read:

"Tornado removed from Hurricane, Bull okay..."

So it's now a steer?

And the statue didn't even have to go to Sweden.

Taking the bull by the....horn?

And they say that living in a small town is less stressful than in big cities. Obviously, the stress is still there, it's just...different.

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